Alaska Weight Management and Diabetes Counseling

When Long-Term Health Is The Goal

You need more than a diet. We can help you find your best options for meeting your overall medical and weight loss goals.

We provide an accountability partner and help you tap into your deeper motivation because we know that getting real change is more than just knowing facts.

Preventive Care Is Covered 100%

If your BMI is over 30, most private and commercial insurance plans offer preventive care benefits including nutrition counseling — 100% coverage with no deductible.

The Skills You Develop Stay With You For Life!

Why not talk with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to help you refine your focus and define your vision of success.  We are focused on helping you achieve your goals by providing accountability and support. We use a mindfulness approach and help you find the best resources for meal planning, shopping, cooking and physical activity.  We can act as the accountability partner that you need to turn your hopes into actions that get health results that last.


Most private insurance plans don’t require a formal referral.  However, if you have been told that your blood glucose or cholesterol is elevated, or that you have diabetes or any number of other health problems, it helps to have a referral so that labs and medication details are available during our visits. Your medical provider can fax referrals to (907) 312-7700.

We Bill Your Insurance:

Telehealth services are covered by many insurance plans and we will be happy to check prior to your visit.  In-office services are typically covered under preventive care provisions of private health plans if you have a BMI over 30.  or Elevated Blood Sugar. We offer this resource for Obtaining A Quote From Your Insurance.  Here are some examples of typical insurance coverages:

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